10 Mistakes People Make in a Visa Interview


Planning a trip abroad? All set with the tour plan? Great! Must have been exciting, packing for the new country, it is after all going to be an amazing experience, new nation, new people, new atmosphere, newer friends, lifestyle and work atmosphere. Life’s going to be on a roll, won’t it be? But what is with that expression, worried about getting done with the visa process? Is it the interview which has been bothering you all this while? Well, relax. Here are 10 mistakes people generally make in their visa interviews, make sure you don’t fall a prey to these and you’ll sail through successfully.

1. Going unprepared- You know your interview is scheduled for a particular date; make sure you prepare for it a little bit in advance. Not that it is going to be a test, just that if you research a bit, it’s going to be a cakewalk. Try looking for the commonly asked questions on the net. Talk to a friend who has been interviewed, so that you’ve a rough idea about the context.

2. Being untruthful and under confident-You’re going somewhere for a purpose, what is with being nervous? Just state the facts as they are when asked. That’s it. You’re not going to be tested on your knowledge just normal questions related to you and your visit, be confident and answer them with ease.

3. Incomplete documentation- Make sure you research well, know the prerequisites that must be carried. Carry all compulsory documents, whatever Xerox is required, photos, attested papers. The best way out will be, make a list of things you need to present and keep ticking as you keep them. A well organized file would make you look like a well organized individual.

4. Not being able to pay the fees-There is a certain amount of money that is needed for the completion of the visa process; this amount is clearly stated in the concerned websites and can be easily found out on contacting the officials. Make sure you carry the required amount. Falling in the trap of middlemen will cost you a lot more. Follow the process, that’ll be it.

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5. Unnecessary information- When you’re being interviewed, make sure you stay precise, carefully to the point. Excessive information provided by you will lead to extra questioning by the official and unnecessary delay in the process. Also, providing extra information can be seen as a sign of you being nervous.

6. Words not matching the documents –Whatever you say should be in congruence to the written facts that you’ve submitted. Any mismatching facts given by you could lead the officials to suspect you for forgery.

7. Not Maintaining etiquette and gentle man behavior- The person interviewing you is an official doing the work assigned to him, do not misbehave, talk rudely or shout. Ask whatever you want to in a polite manner, greet well and maintain a decent body language.

8. Poor communication skills-Talk fluently in whichever language you’re comfortable with. It is absolutely not important for you to know and talk in any particular language. Tell the official which language you’re a fluent with and if doesn’t match with that of the consulate officer, then a translator would be arranged for you. This would be better that attempting to talk in a language you don’t know and ending up saying things you didn’t mean to.

9. Talking a lot- It is an official interview that you’re there for, as already suggested, be precise. Do not go on talking and giggling too much. Be brief and accurate.

10. Jittery body language- You have your documents and purpose right, there’s no wrong intention in your head. You aren’t going to be interrogated, what with the nervousness? Stay calm and walk easily. Maintain your posture, do a gentle man shake hand.

All the Best and Happy journey!