6 Quirky Places to Stay Around the World

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The most important thing while travelling is to get a good hotel and if conventional relaxation isn’t your style, our list of beautiful yet bizarre hotels may excite the traveller in you. From icy hotels to high upside down interiors, this world has a large list of unusual places to stay. These hotels are totally bizarre, beautiful land quirky. Check out 7 most unusual hotels to stay around the world:

1. Palacio De Sal- Bolivia

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You must have heard about ice hotels, but Palacio has taken one step forward, as they used salt from Salar de Uyuni salt flats to build a luxury hotel in the Bolivian desert. It was constructed solely out of salt blocks in 1993 and in 2007 it was re-built on the Great Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Everything in the hotel from building to furniture is made of salt blocks.

2. Propeller Island City Lodge – Germany

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A German artist Lars Stroschen is the man behind this artistic lodge. This lodge has a weird and wonderful design with upside-down rooms and each room offering different amenities. One room has an oversize guillotine; one has a bath in a giant plastic bag and another with coffin beds. All the furniture is suspended from above, except for a sunken Murphy bed, a couch and a TV.

3. The ice hotel- Sweden

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As the name suggests this hotel is entirely made of ice and is Sweden’s one of the seven wonders. Its location is incredible and allows easy access to amazing northern lights. Every year this icy structure gets a new interior design from a good artist; there is one thing that remains the same- ice!

4. Golden Crown Levin Iglut- Finland

The Golden Crown has 18 glass igloos that accommodate families and couples. Each igloo has a kitchen area, a full bath space, a bed and headrests for aurora viewing. The windows are insulated and heated to prevent freezing. You can also enjoy a fireplace in the small rustic lodge and brave out to go and take an outdoor hot tub bath with stars.

5. Crane hotel- Holland

Originally used in the 1960s to move shipping containers, the 17 feet tall crane has been converted into a snug dockside accommodation for two people. If the height isn’t thrilling, the guests can also spin the crane into 360 degrees of harbour views.

6. Jules Undersea Lodge- America

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This is a wonderful underwater experience. Jules undersea lodge is located 21 feet below the lagoon’s surface; the only way to enter this lodge is scuba dive. This guest suite resembles a plush aquarium. There is only one issue you must know about scuba diving to experience a stay at this hotel.