A glass bridge in Vietnam that you should visit!

Source- Vietnam Tour Guide

Vietnam got its highest sky bridge, Dragon glass bridge in Sapa, last year in November. It is situated at the height of 2000 meters above sea level and people are loving the cloud beneath their feet on climbing up to this bridge!

This bridge can be accessed from the Silver waterfall and heaven gate. 

The news spread quickly and many tourists swarmed from across the globe to take a walk across the highest glass bridge. 

A crystal elevator transports you to the place and the ride lasts for about 10 minutes. There are many other activities you can indulge in. Pick from bungee jumping, zipline after their services start and visit the cafe area for some quick snacks. 

People love to capture the exquisite beauty of mountains and sunsets from this height and hence it is also famous as a picturesque place. 

There are many other attractions to check out near this bridge. Visit Ham Rong Mountain Park and relax in the midst of Orchid and Peach Garden and cloud yard. You can also visit Muong Hoa Valley as it is another famous picturesque terrain with bamboo forests. 

You can plan your trip around the silver waterfall and then head to Dragon Glass Bridge as it is accessible from there.