Best budget travel tips by Indian travellers


There are times when we really crave for a break from our daily hectic schedule and often this change is a much needed one. Everyday to earn, we work hard and this compromises our leisure time and spending some quality time with the family. Travelling often is the best way to reconnect. Traveling requires money and to plan one dream trip we need to save.  However, a successful trip does not require a great budget but just management. Here we have the best travel budget tips from Indian travelers, take a look.

Choose local services than going for luxurious


Book a room in a local hotel that is near to the places you want to travel rather than going for expensive and luxurious ones.  Transport services too are cheaper at such places. If you are traveling for longer time, rent a private accommodation or an apartment as you get it both at a reasonable price with being close to picturesque scenery too. Also eat at local bistros and try the place’s cultural cuisine.

Do not rely on ATM card’s only


As foreign exchange currency rates keep on fluctuating so it’s better to carry enough cash. It is good to convert the currency in advance as other local companies would charge you extra bucks afterwards. However, if you are left with extra money while coming back, converting to your original currency would make you go in loss.  So, take a calculative amount that you will spend. For a safer side you have your credit and debit cards after all.

Use tourist pass

Use tourist pass

Many places offer tourist pass so that travelers do not need to pay extra charges. This card has mass rapid transit system due to which you get concession on rides that you cannot enjoy otherwise. You need to recharge it before hand.

Remember to take rewards and discounts

Many companies offer frequent customers discounts and reward points. If you are one who travels frequently, remember redeeming your loyalty and reward points. You can also organize your trip through the same travel agency if you have collected a handsome number of points as you get the best deal then.