Explore the Hidden Beauty of Varanasi

Varanasi, the holy and beautiful city of Uttar Pradesh has a lot of hidden gems and historic views to explore because since the 11th century B.C. this being the spiritual city has an endless number of Hindu pilgrims. With different activities and breathtaking views, here’s a list of some beautiful ways to dive deep into the beauty of the city. 

Boat Riding on the Ganges: Early morning boat rides on the river Ganga is the most stunning and beautiful way to start a day. In the early morning with birds chirping and sunrise, you can also witness ways of devotees and saints offering prayers to the river while experiencing a wholesome holy vibe. 

Temples:  Temples at Varanasi are almost everywhere and you can easily experience a lot of different temples with the unique history behind their existence. People can also visit different architecture that delivers a unique meaning and history of the temple. 

Evening Aarti Ceremony at Dasawamedha Ghat: At Dasawamedha Ghat, the grand evening aarti is a non-skippable daily event that witnesses a huge crowd of devotees and believers. This ceremony offers spectacular views with peace and vibes of meditation. 

Weaver’s Village: Having a day trip to Weaver’s Village also called Sarai Mohana is a must as it offers a lot of beautiful views wherein, its markets are highly loaded with beautiful lights and ambience.

Sarnath: Plan your Day 2 at Sarnath because visiting here again in the early morning is worthwhile and you can capture a lot of natural and beautiful views. Sarnath is a historical Buddhist centre of religion where Gautama Buddha came first to teach his teachings. 

Ramnagar Fort: Established in 1750, this fort was built by Raja Balwant Singh. Visiting this fort makes a trip to Varanasi complete as it offers Mughal style architecture and gives a lot of beautiful photos capturing spots. 

Shopping: If you don’t shop products from Varanasi then definitely, you will miss a big thing. Shopping here is great fun and lively experience as you can buy a variety of handcrafted and other Banarasi products, especially from Vishwanath Lane, Thatheri Bazar, Chowk and Godowilia. 

You can plan your vacation to the spiritual city of Varanasi which is loaded with exciting views, street foods, shopping products and a lot of other variables that will surely encourage you to extend your stay.