Flying to Middle East gets convenient!

Source- Passenger Terminal Today

 Until now, passengers who would test positive for COVID-19 before flying would have to bear the monetary loss of a wasted air ticket, but now passengers will be permitted a one-time free date-change option. This is applied to those who test positive in an RT-PCR test before flying. 

This new rule is, however, only for rescheduling and not cancellations. According to the reports, the offer also applies to those who test positive for the virus at the airport so they too can change their date of flying. A source said that earlier there were not too many cases, but with the Omicron variant that has changed hence, passengers are testing positive in the 48 hour window after getting a negative RT-PCR report. 

The positive thing about this new rule is that passengers rescheduling their flights will not have to pay any extra charges for the same booking class that is available. This will be true even if the fare is higher at the time of booking.