How traveling will become more luxurious after this pandemic

Source- Marriott International

People are waiting for the travel restrictions to lift entirely and for the hotels to open up so they can explore the world and also wash away the lockdown stress on sunny beaches. Hotels are the first place that comes to mind for staying but the pandemic will change the way people used to stay in places. 

Hotel and aviation experts have predicted that staying in hotels will become more luxurious as people will keep the norms of social distancing in mind and will prefer staying in places that provide facilities for isolation and minimal interaction with guests. Here is how things are likely to change. 

Need for private spaces 

As the hotels open up, the owners would want their guests to feel safe and comfortable and for that, it will be made sure that all the social distancing rules are being followed along with other safety precautions. This will also allow many guests to customize their stay which is the kind of option that is usually offered to elite guests and VIPs. 

Meals in isolated spaces 

Many hotels offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets and have a common place for it. For the safety of the guests, hotel owners may use spaces that weren’t used before to make guests feel comfortable in coming to their restaurants for the meals. 

Shorter trips, more expenditure 

To curb the risk of catching this infectious virus, people may not travel frequently but when they would, many travelers would want it to be a luxurious experience and will also not compromise their safety to save some bucks. Private property tours will also be preferred, as predicted by the experts. 

Here are some ways in which traveling may become more luxurious for people. The hotels are around the world are gearing up for the post-corona world and are likely to offer many exclusive services to regular customers to retain them as they come back in business after months of staying locked down.