Japan, The Romantic Hub of East Asia

Another dreamy destination to have the perfect honeymoon is Japan. Japan has it all, from rich culture to amazing historical locations and the most important aspect, luxury and relaxation. It has the perfect blend of flawless hospitality, delicious food and fantastic accommodation.

Japan has beautiful scenic beauty combined with extraordinary services like the private hot springs baths and much more. There is a long list of services that can only be found in Japan; going to a Zen inspired spa, relaxing on a subtropical island or going on a romantic helicopter ride over Tokyo’s skyline.

Private Onsen

You can stay in traditional Japanese inns called Ryokan, travel in the super-fast trains or try the Japanese hot spring baths called Private Onsen. Well the list is never ending so here are a few destinations that you must visit when going for a honeymoon to Japan.



The capital as well as the most popular city in Japan is an amazing destination for couples. Tokyo is famous for its luxurious and magnificent skyscraper hotels. Sipping a cocktail, watching the sunset and looking down at one of the world’s largest city is an out of this world experience. The city is always buzzing with different activities. You can see quaint stall on the side of the road selling everything from high tech electronics to delicious food. Start the day by visiting the Senso-ji Temple along with some street shopping in Asakusa. Then move on to Akihabara, also known as the “Electric Town”.  You can find any and every electronic you can possibly think of in this hub. Chuo Dori, the main street is a must visit.



Another romantic destination that you must visit is Miyajima. This place has stunning scenery, traditional street and a quaint atmosphere, making it highly recommended. You can visit Itsukushima, one of the loveliest sites in Japan. You can also spot beautiful and sacred deer roaming around freely here. It is a small island town with untouched forests and beaches. Here you can relax near the shrine, some street shopping and what the picturesque view of the sun slowly sinking into the sky. Here you can spot some of Miyajima’s wild monkeys.



The gatekeeper of Japanese heritage and cultural, Kyoto is a must visit place. You and your partner can enjoy the perfect blend of traditional as well as modern accommodations. There are also some amazing cultural activities. The city has the beautiful Kyoto tower, karaoke bars and concrete shops. Kyoto is religiously rich. It has more than 2000 shrines and temples. It also has about 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Heartbeat of Kyoto can be found in the Nishiki Market or the Sanjo arcades. This city can take you back in time and leave you awe.

It is the perfect romantic getaway that you would want to go with your partner. A visit to Japan is like visiting a completely different world where you can make ever lasting memories with your partner. It is the perfect destination for a romantic honeymoon.