Things to Buy from Dubai

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Dubai is a great vacation place. You can go sand dune bashing and visit numerous adventure parks too. It has everything to make it a completely perfect vacation and the cherry on top is that it is one of the best shopping destinations in the world.People who visit this place always desire to buy a lot more. From glittering gold, Dubai is a hub of jewelry and the craftsmanship is spectacular to great cosmetics. Recently Dubai has decided to stop being a tax-free state and all the UAE countries would now have a nominal 5% tax. However, the shopping experience in Dubai is beyond awesome, as it offers a variety of things.

The emirate is the largest shopping center in the world and once you enter the mall you are spoilt for choices. Here is our list of things you can buy from Dubai:

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Dubai is also known as “The city of gold” and the city offers great offers on gold. The styles, design, and craftsmanship are beyond perfect. Choose from a wide variety of options and you can bargain as much as you like also there are so many shops you are bound to strike a deal at some place. The sad news is that starting this year the gold is no longer duty-free.

Where to buy: Gold and Diamond Park, Joyalukkas outlets and Dubai Gold Souk.

  • Pashminas

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This one is among the top items purchased from Dubai, it offers gorgeous and delicate pashminas made of 100% silk. You will find a large variety of Pashminas in Dubai. It can be a great gift for anyone. Real shawls are thick and soft, to check its authenticity you should pull the shawl through a ring, if it is real then it will pass easily. Make sure you pay the right price for what you buy.

Where to buy: Textile house, Karama Market, and Pashmina House.

  • Arabic dates

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The Middle East is famous for dates, but Dubai is famous for its almond coated dates. They are called Bateel or Arabic almond dates, it is something that every visitor takes back with them for their loved ones. They are a sweet part of the Middle Eastern culture and have many health benefits.

Where to buy: Supermarkets for packed dates, Bateel outlets and Dates souk at Deira.

  • Electronics

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As Dubai still has a duty-free port, the electronics items in the city are reasonable. The big malls in Dubai tempt people to buy electronic items. There are many electronics stores in Dubai. People mostly buy phones from there.

  • Arabic perfumes (Attar)

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All of us love a good fragrance and Arabic perfumes have the best fragrances with a royal feel. They are magical majestic bottles of concentrated perfumes that are handmade in Dubai and you can easily shop for them in malls and shops. The famous fragrances are Oudh and Bakhoor that are used by both Emirati men and women. They are known as fragrances of Dubai.

Where to buy: You can buy perfumes from the popular malls in Dubai

  • Shisha kits

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One more thing for which Dubai is famous is its Shisha bars and Hookah lunges. If you love shisha and flavored smokes, you can find the finest collection of Shisha flavors in the city. You can buy a whole Shisha kit as well.

Where to buy: Carrefour hypermarket, Dubai Sou, and Smokers center outlets.