Must Dos To Get the Best Thailand Experience

Must Dos In Thailand
Must Dos In Thailand

Thailand happens to be among the most popular travel destinations of Southeast Asia. The country attracts tourists from all over the world, all through the year. To completely soak in the essence of Thailand, make it a point to add the following must-do things in your itinerary:

  1. Go for a traditional Thai massage. Almost every street in Thailand boasts of numerous massage parlours. The Thai masseuse use force on the acupuncture points, which usually leaves you in pain for a split second. However, the split second plain is worth it as the pain is followed by a refreshing rejuvenation, which usually lasts all day long. Undoubtedly, Thai massages tend to be brutal, but that’s the reason why they are considered to be the best in the world!
source- Aesthetics MediSpa
  1. Your Thai experience would be incomplete if you’ve not taken a ride on a hell-raising tuk tuk through the city streets. The tuk tuk will literally take you for a thrill ride as the drivers, with their unique stunts will always find a way to navigate every nook and corner, just to avoid the jam, even if that means bending the traffic rules sometimes. Simply hold on tight to your belongings and you’ll have a memorable tuk tuk experience to recall.
  2. Thailand full moon parties are popular all the world over. Happening in Koh Phangan every month, plan your trip in such a manner that you get a chance dance the night away on the festive beaches in this colourful fiesta.
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  1. To fulfill all those childhood fantasies, enjoy the various forms of entertainment available in Thailand. Well-known productions such as Siam Niramit in Bangkok and Phuket’s FantaSea with their vibrant colours, impressive stage sceneries and extravagant props will leave you completely spellbound.
  2. A lesser known fact, Thailand happens to be home to some of the best dive locations in the world, Koh Tao, or Turtle Island being one of them. It’s one of the most affordable places in the world to get qualified as scuba drivers. Also, you get a chance to swim with underwater creatures, such as sharks and green turtles. Cruise the bars that line Sairee Beach at night or head across to Thian Og Beach for more secluded sundowner spots.
  3. If you walk on the streets of Thailand, you’re bound to spot fried little cretins in roadside stalls, and you’ll always be curious how they’ll taste like. If you’re courageous enough, give a shot to these fried insects. Warning: they taste nothing like chicken, nevertheless, it will be a memorable experience, enjoying the texture of the crispy legs touching the top of your mouth whilst you chew on the crunchy exterior.
  4. Your trip to Thailand would be incomplete if you don’t witness the colourful extravaganza of the Floating Markets here. Get there early to avoid crowds and bag the best bargains. Try a range of Thai fruits including custard apples, yellow longan and the pungent durian in this authentic market.

When in Thailand, try out a couple of must dos listed above. They’ll add to making your vacation a memorable one!