New Zealand: The land of romance

New Zealand

New Zealand is a majestic island country with beautiful landscape and breathtaking natural beauty. Not only tourist, New Zealandis also a popular honeymoon destination. Couples from all around the world come here for a romantic getaway with their partners.

Besides some of the commonly known places in the country like Queenstown and Rotorua, there are other amazing places that one must visit for the perfect honeymoon.


If you and your partner share the love for wines, then you must visit the Waiheke Island. You need to take a 50 minute ferry ride from Auckland to reach this beautiful and untouched beaches. They have some gorgeous vineyards where one can relax and enjoy the landscape. People come here for romantic walks, take tours of the beautiful island and enjoy a drive here. It is the perfect couples retreat.

Next you must visit the remote West coast of South Island. Also called as “Paradise” the west coast is lush, wild and untouched. Here you will barely see people which make it even more romantically inclined. People come here to explore and experience new things. Not only this, they go on long walks, see the swing bridge, visit the amusement park, pancake rocks and go for a drive.


You can defiantly not miss the Fox Glaciers. The perfect winter honeymoon destination is about 25 kms away from the highest peak in New Zealand, Mt. Cook. The glaciers in this country are different from that in other countries. Here they move a lot faster. People visit this glacier for its lush green rainforest and walks on the lagoon and beach. You can also go for the Heli hiking and sky diving here.

Dunein is another romantic place you must experience. The most unique experience here is the nature tours while discovering penguins and albatross. Most of the nature tours provide a pick from hotels. They then take you to a private farm and beach property, where you can go for a romantic walk and see some yellow- eyes penguins feeding their little ones. Sea lions, seals and sea elephants are some other animals that you might spot here. The best time to visit this place is in between the months of December and July. From August to November, public access is denied as its nesting time for the birds.


For couples who like a little bit of adventure, Coromandel Peninsula is the perfect place. It is known for its virgin beaches, warm climate and inborn forests. You can experience hiking and kayaking at the Hahei beach. It is one experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Regardless of Queenstown being common, it is one of the most popular and beautiful places in the country. It is also known as New Zealand’s adventure capital. Couples come here for snowboarding, skiing, one of the highest bungee jumping and an amazing Dart river safari. The best time to visit Queenstown is between the months of December and February.

Coromandel Peninsula

Other splendid and romantic destination couples can visit are, Rotorua, Milford Sound, Auckland, Hobbiton in Matamat and many more. The tiny island country, New Zealand will have you spellbound with its natural beauty and thrilling adventurous activities. It is a must visit honeymoon destination.