Reasons you will love visiting Kochi

Ayurvedic massage
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Kochi is known for its spices, markets and its history. From spice markets to views of the beautiful sunset, Kochi is an all rejuvenating experience to have.  You will feel the aroma of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves in its air. Here we bring you the reasons why you will love visiting this southwest city in Kerala.

Shop antiques

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Kochi gives you an opportunity to buy eye-popping wooden statues from Syrian Christian churches, and if you are an antique lover, you will love shopping here. There are many showpieces and handmade things available in the markets that you will love shopping.  The goods here have subsequently very high prices so do not forget to bargain.

Colonial cuisine

Kerala’s legendary Spice Coast drew colonial powers to its shores. There are varieties you can taste here. The Portuguese introduced the people with the use of coconut milk, the Dutch drew culinary influences and even today Dutch Bruder bread is baked daily in Fort Kochi. You can go to  Brunton Boatyard’s History Restaurant that offers First Class Railway Mutton Curry every day, while you can also taste Anglo Indian cutlet, Jewish Chuttulli Meen and idiappam with fish curry etc.

St. Francis Church at Fort Kochi

St. Francis Church at Fort Kochi,
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This church was where the famous explorer Vasco Da Gama was buried. His body was however taken back to Portugal but his gravestone was marked within the church. It was initially a Catholic church but was destroyed later. Those who love to admire charming interiors and are interested in traveling to religious places, would love to explore this church.

Dance and drama

Dance and drama
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Kochi is the best place to experience Kathakali dance form, witness beautifully costumed dance-drama based on the Hindu epics and many more experiences. Go to watch performances in Kerala Kathakali Centre in K. B. Jacob Road, near Santa Cruz Cathedral.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage
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Kerala is the home for Ayurvedic treatments. You will enjoy the relaxing massage sessions here and they even use too much oil too that will make you slide on the table. Their prices are very basic which will make you love it even more. The best you can go for is in Santa Cruz Road and Peter Celli Street.

Chinese fishing nets

Chinese fishing nets,
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It is located at the northern end of Fort Cochin. It was introduced by Chinese, its nets are suspended from a four-pronged framework, like a huge hammock. The nets are dipped into water, left there and raised after sometime. When there are fishes trapped in it, fishermen race to beat the ever-present crows.