Romantic Vineyards in India

Fratelli Winery
source- Fratelli Wines

As wine becomes a favoured tipple in India, vineyards are slowly becoming popular in our country. And wine tourism is booming, Indian Vineyards offer a more enchanting experience to its visitors. These reputable wineries have much to offer and explore these wine regions amid a lavish setup.  Here are vineyards you must travel to:

Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Sula Vineyards
source- Sula Vineyards

India’s most popular winery, Sula is now a world-class winery. It is open for visitors and is famous Sula Fest that is held every February. This vineyard was India’s first established vineyard resort. This Winery is a mesmerizing place to stay where you can enjoy facilities like 32 beautiful rooms with private balconies, restaurants, swimming pool, spa, gym, and games! Package rates per night for a couple start at 8000 INR. Wine tasting, wine-based spa treatments, and looking at majestic views of the river you’re your balcony make it a must visit!

Grover Zampa, Nashik

Grover Zampa
source- The Wine Sleuth

Situated near Bangalore, Grover is India’s oldest Winemaker. It expanded over 410 acres and this beautiful vineyard produces premium wines. You can enjoy a three and a half hour tour followed by lunch which starts at 10.30 am every day. This mountainous landscape offers luxurious wine tour, and tasting its blended wine sitting within serene beauty is heavenly.

York Winery and Tasting Room, Nashik

York Winery and Tasting Room
source- Trip Advisor

This winery offers the most stunning sunset views. Tours of this winery are offered from 12.30 p.m till 6 pm while the tasting room is open too from 12 pm to 10 pm.  Look over the beautiful lakes of the vineyards while sipping delicious wine with your partner amid tranquil views of hills is blissful.

V Resorts, Nashik

V Resorts, Nashik
source- Clear Trip

V Resorts is a premium property that offers luxurious studios and villas. It is an ideal getaway for wine lovers. Visit this place with your partner for some quiet time away from the city in the lap of nature. One can enjoy tasting wines, relish delicious cuisine, go on fascinating wine tours, cycle across scenic views and much more.

Fratelli Winery, New Delhi

Fratelli Winery
source- Fratelli Wines

This remote vineyard produces some excellent wines over its 240 acres. A full day package in this winery includes tours and tastings. The overnight package costs 11000 INR for a couple while for a two-night package it will cost 19000 INR. They organize your stay at a luxury hotel nearby that offers all lavish facilities one wants.

Which Winery would you like to go?