Russia Bans Flights From 36 Countries!


The war and crisis between Russia and Ukraine have massively affected the aviation sector as Russia has banned flights from 36 countries. The ban from 36 countries also includes 27 European Union Nations along with the UK and Canada. The statement of the Russian Government highlights that “as a retaliatory measure for the ban by European states on flights by civil aviation operated by Russian airlines or registered in Russia” the airlines have been banned from all European countries including Gibraltar and Jersey. 

Now Russia will allow the entry of flights from these nations only after a special permit since last week Britain banned Russia’s flagship carrier Aeroflot with some other private jets; so, in response to it, Russia banned all UK airlines. Considering the current situations, the airlines will find new routes wherein, the banning of flights will also affect and increase the tickets’ prices due to long detour hours. 

Rosaviatsiya, the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency has said that flights from restricted nations will enter in exceptional circumstances only if they get special clearance from Russia’s foreign ministry or aviation authority. 

The 36 banned countries include the United Kingdom, Spain, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Norway, the Netherlands, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Jersey, France, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Albania, Anguilla, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, British Virgin Islands, Germany, and Gibraltar.