Shows and movies with best views of Paris

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Paris is famously known for being the most romantic place in the world and this also makes its a popular holiday destination. Many people were looking forward to visiting the city of love this year but the pandemic happened.

Till the time it is safe to travel across the world again, you can fulfill your dream by watching these shows and movies that will give you a glimpse of what it is like to live in Paris. With virtual tours being the new trend, here are some recommendations that will transport you to Paris!

Before Sunset

This movie is about two people, Celine and Jesse who meet each other after 9 years and end up spending a day in Paris, exploring the possibility of what could have happened.

Emily in Paris

This comedy-drama series on Netflix is about a young American girl named Emily who gets the opportunity to work in Paris and the show revolves around her struggles to adjust in the city.


If you know French or then this one is an intriguing Sci-Fi show that is a must-watch. It is a series about the after-effects of an app that matches two people based on their brain data.

The Hook Up Plan

This series is based on an incident and a plan that goes wrong when friends of Elsa appoint a male escort to cheer her up after her break up and she actually ends up falling in love with him.


This movie will give you a complete tour of Paris as it is shot over 80 different locations and is a story of a girl named Amélie who navigates through life, helping people.

Julie & Julia

This movie is about a woman named Julie Powell who is a young blogger and works on mastering Julia Child’s cooking techniques. The movie is based on two different timelines and but shows a stark contrast between the lives of these two women.

Which one is your favorite movie that reminds of you Paris?