These abandoned islands have the scariest stories!

Source- Britannica

There is a sense of mystery behind abandoned places as they are the living evidence of things that happened a long time ago. Places that were once inhabited by humans now stand as abandoned and a scary reminder of horrifying stories.

There are some islands in the world that were once home to people and a land of opportunities but are now recognized for the intriguing stories behind their abandonment. Here are some interesting stories behind now abandoned islands around the world.

The Suakin Island, Sudan

This island once served as a crucial trading port for well-known empires. It later became a trade center for slaves in the 19th century and eventually the trade started to diminish which resulted in abandonment of this island.

Deception Island, Antarctic

This island has been a fascinating inspiration to many and was a Norwegian-Chilean whaling station before the active volcanoes destroyed everything and it became inhabitable.

McNab’s Island, Nova Scotia

Settled by and named after Peter McNab, this island was once home to many military forts and gardens. It was also inhabited by people but after world war ii, it was abandoned. Visitors are allowed on this island.

Ross Island, Andaman, India

Previously known as Paris of East, this was a British penal colony for years before its control kept passing on and then eventually it was abandoned. Visitors are allowed to take a walk around on the this island.

Poveglia Plague Island, Venice, Italy

This island is infamous for being the place where people suffering from black plague were taken for them to die. The soil is believed to be made from human ash.

Palmyra Atoll, Hawaii

This island is believed to be cursed and was once used as refueling station by US Navy for World War ii. It also believed to be a site of double murder.

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