Not to Forget Things for a Beach Vacation

Things to Not to Forget for a Beach Vacation
Things to Not to Forget for a Beach Vacation
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Opting for a beach vacation is among the most sought after options among travellers. However, the climate at a beach location is highly different from the usual metro cities. So when travelling to the beach, the packing should be done differently.

Listed below are a set of essentials and must haves which one should ensure to pack into their luggage, when going for a beach vacation:

  • Complete change of clothes for each person per day is a must. However,if you are opting for accommodation with laundry facilities, you can do away with a set or two. Pack comfortable clothes as the weather tends to get sultry on beaches.

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  • Apart from the casual wear, do pack in a lightweight sweater or jacket for evening wear. The evenings are slightly cooler in the beach regions, so these would fit the bill.
  • A beach vacation would be incomplete without swimsuits. A minimum of at least 2 pairs are a must. This way, you will always have a spare, dry pair at your disposal.
  • Apart from the regular towels that you will carry, pack in separate ones for use on the beach. Since they’ll attract sand etc, it is essential to pack them separately.
  • Roomy, baggy T-shirts, the ones which you can throw on over your swimsuit when you’ve had enough sun are one of the most overlooked items. These will help prevent you from catching the sun.
  • Wide-brim hats are another essential to protect faces from sun.
  • Sunglasses with UV protection, both for adults and children alike should be kept.
  • Sandals, preferably which are made of rubber, plastic and are waterproof are the best for a beach vacation.
  • Waterproof sunscreen with the appropriate SPF should be brought along and used liberally. Lip balm with sunscreen should also be kept.
  • Body lotion for after sun is another item which most travellers overlook. Sunscreen is for on beach usage. After sun body lotion serves an entirely different, yet immensely useful purpose.
  • Beaches are known for being home to numerous varieties of insects. So carry both insect repellent and anti-itch cream. You never know when they might come in handy.
  • Carry a large beach bag, preferably made of cloth for toting all the beach essentials.
  • Pack zippered plastic bags for collecting shells and wet clothes after a day trip to the beach.
  • Carry no more than 3 pairs of shoes. They are heavy and will take up way too much space in your suitcase.
  • Leave high maintenance cloth items such as silk tops which need to be ironed at home.

Enjoy a happy, healthy & tan-free beach vacation!