USA Announces New Travel Protocols!

President Joe Biden

The White House in the US has recently announced that it would be more precautionary towards the COVID-19 testing protocols for the tourist coming to their nation, irrespective of their country of origin, vaccination and citizenship status. Following such tight norms, the incoming travellers are required to showcase proof of their negative test report taken within a traveling day. The new update requires a three-day testing window designated for the would-be traveller to contract the virus without developing symptoms before travelling.  

In addition to this, the Biden administration has also extended the federal mask mandate for all forms of transportation through March 18. Incorporating the air, rail and public transportation, the US Transportation Security Administration will implement its orders through the specified date wherein, the minimum penalty for noncompliance is $500 which can increase to $3,000 for repeat offenders. Moreover, the federal association was focussing on the seven-day quarantine and post-arrival testing as well but they push a back on such tightens norms stating that it could leave a devastating impact on both the US travel industry and economy because it has already lost $300 billion in its export income since the outbreak of coronavirus. 

Now, with the detection of Covid-19’s new variant i.e., Omicron in a fully vaccinated person in Californian, returning from South Africa, the US government has become more alert and cautious as Omicron has globally been identified in 29 countries including Asia Pacific Nations, European countries, the UK and South Africa. Considering the fact, the Biden administration is going to roll out additional vaccination campaigns including boosters and every required source to the Federal Drug Administration to review vaccines for kids under 5 years of age. To save the nation as much as possible, it will promote more testing and make it available for free at local pharmacies including insurance reimbursement for OTC testing kits. 

Biden is urging businesses to continue their efforts towards new norms and testing protocols claiming 60% of their business have accepted and moving forward with such norms ensuring that their employees are completely vaccinated and get tested on a timely basis.