Ways to Explore Paris Like a Local

Ways to explore Paris like a local

The City of Light, Paris is just not limited to visiting Eifel Tower, Notre Dame or other famous places but has many local things that can be enjoyed by roaming through the streets and trying to get a local taste of the place. We bring for you some tips that you must try if you are in Paris and really want to explore it.  Have a look.

Walk a lot

Do you know why the people of Paris have such shining and toned body? Well, yes it is much because they walk a lot which gives their body that exercise which it needs. To travel like a local you need to walk a lot and travel to explore all which you couldn’t explore with other transport. Get to know a lot of Paris and its roots by walking through the roads, and enjoying all new food, culture and gathering memories.

Wander round the markets

Market in Paris are a unique place to explore and the best would be Raspail Marche on Boulevard Raspail that is held every Sunday. Everything here is organic and natural and would give you a lively feel and love for Paris.

Morning coffee with a perfect street view look

Ways to explore Paris like a localParis is a city with lot of cafes and is famous for that as well. The café shops has chairs facing the road and you can gaze people who walk past you to have  a look at what is going around with a perfect date with coffee.

Fun time at park

Ways to explore Paris like a localParis has beautiful parks in the city and you can enjoy a sunny day with sitting in the park, studying book, watching a lot of action around, playing and enjoying your day thoroughly.

Be a part of the street action

Ways to explore Paris like a localThe streets of Paris are always packed with action works with musicians and dancers entertaining viewers making it a place where you can’t get bored. Artists to acrobats of the French capital do unique things that you must not have seen before. Do pay attention on the events and performances going in the town and do enjoy them.

Travel with being friendly with real Parisians

It is always the best idea to go to a place where you have friends. In Paris make friends with Parisians as the can help you see all those which you would not have possibly seen alone.

Get your portrait made by the street artist

Ways to explore Paris like a local

Street artists in Paris are best at making portraits, so if you are in Paris, do make sure to have a portrait of yourself made by them. You can find them at every key location like Louvre, Eiffel Tower, the Sacre Coeur and at other major places.

Discover Parisian street-wall art

Ways to explore Paris like a localStreet arts are famous all over Paris of Rue Denoyez in the Belleville district. You can find the walls of the street changing its color every time an artist paints it. While exploring Paris like a local you can also come to know about a mysterious artist who paints the top of the Parisian buildings with the shape of strange animals which is visible once you put your face up and raise to see the picture.