Weird thoughts girls get during Honeymoon

Weird thoughts that girls get during their Honeymoon

A honeymoon is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life since they get to know each other much better. Though it’s always an unforgettable one for everyone but in arrange marriages it’s more fun and weirder at the same time, due to differences in the comfort zone. So, here we have listed some of the common strange thoughts that girls get during their Honeymoon:

  • Should I take the initiative to start a conversation or he will do it himself?
  • I hope he is passionate in bed. “Don’t want to get disappointed.”
  • Will we be comfortable getting romantic?
  • I hope he uses precautions because I don’t want kids right now.


  • How will we start? I don’t know, will I be able to fulfil his expectations and satisfy him.
  • Will he like it if I wear sexy nightwear during romance?
  • Holding hands in public is really weird for me. I hope he also thinks the same.
  • I am sure he will get irritated with my selfie obsession but I just can’t help it. I have to post all my pictures every day.
  • What if our interests are different from each other?
  • Should I ask him for being too romantic and filmy or he himself will know it better?
  • We will click those “made for each other” type pictures?
  • Finally, I am in my favourite place. I want to do everything that I always dreamt of with my partner here.

  • What if I will be too wild than him? Will he mind it?
  • I feel like boozing and then having sex. Should I tell him this?

These are some common though wierd thoughts that every girl thinks of during her moneymoon. But; don’t worry its natural to have some desires and have a balanced bond with your partner.