World Chocolate Day: Best chocolate desserts to have in Delhi

Source- Social GOAT
Chocolate desserts

There is not enough chocolate in the world for people who love to devour it. This World Chocolate Day, we are here to remind you of places in Delhi that serve the most delicious chocolate desserts that you just can’t miss.

Take a look at the cafes, bakeries and eateries that serve amazing desserts and you must try them out.

Big Chill Cakery

Bigg chill cakery has its outlets across Delhi. They have an exquisite range of desserts and their chocolate mousse cake is a must-try.


This is a popular premium bakery in Noida. They have a variety of desserts including chocolate cupcakes, eclairs, cheesecakes and many more things.


This popular joint has been in CP for years and has served amazing desserts that are not too expensive. Don’t miss out on puddings and mousses from here.


If you are looking for high-quality French desserts then L’Opera is the ideal place. You can try pastries, macarons and many other lovely desserts and you will surely become a fan.


Theobroma has opened up its branches in many parts of Delhi. Their chocolate loaf bread is soft, light and chocolaty. Their cupcakes are just as good. 

Which is your favourite chocolate dessert?