World’s most vegan-friendly places in the world

Around the world, there are many people who are adopting a plant-based diet and living. Veganism has become a new concept, which is being endorsed by celebrities, fitness enthusiasts, and many other people. But did you know that ‘vegan tourism’ is also an extremely popular concept? People who are consuming vegan food, are always on the lookout for vegan-friendly places and to offer to their palates, some cities around the world have updated their restaurant menus. This is all a part of vegan tourism, and if you are a vegan traveler, you definitely would like to know the destinations for your next trip, whenever it is safe to do so. So check out the list of the world’s most vegan-friendly places in the world: 

  • Hong kong 

Hong Kong is developing in terms of vegan food, and even after having meat as a major of cuisine, many restaurants are increasing their vegan options. Various city restaurants are coming up with a vegan menu in a creative environment that encourages green living. Mana, Woodlands, Thai Vegetarian Food, Kowloon City, A Mi Tuo Fo Su Xin Yuan are some of the popular vegan restaurants in the country.

  • Toronto 

Toronto has many vegan restaurants and it also hosts North America’s biggest vegan food festivals — The Veg Food and Vegandale’s Vegan Food and Drink Festival. The city has some best plant based restaurants to satisfy your vegan hunger. Some of the best ones are: The HogTown Vegan, LOV, Planta Burger, Doomie’s, LosCo Vegan. 

  • Poland

This city has become a vegan hot spot. There are a large variety of vegan-friendly restaurants and fully-vegan restaurants at a relatively low cost here. Some of the amazing ones are ega, Vege Kiosk, Vegan Na Moliera, Vege Bistro. 

  •  Amsterdam 

Amsterdamn has various vegan friendly and vegetarian restaurants with amazing food options. For vegans in Amsterdam, every restaurant has options on its menu. You must visit Mr Stacks for amazing vegan brunch. Some of the other popular vegan restaurants are Amsterdam Vegan Restaurant & Vegan Junk Food.