10 most romantic places in India

Romantic Places

India, one of the most eccentric countries in the world, has many hidden and unexplored destinations. It is a land of love and passion. India has so many beautiful places which have gone unheard for so many years, now it’s time people should visit them. These destinations are stunning as well as romantic. So here is a list of 10 romantic destinations in India:

  1. Nashik:

Nashik Vineyards

This quaint city is located in the state of Maharashtra. You can enjoy the vineyards and a romantic long drive with your partner here. There are several lakes here with the perfect backdrop where you can enjoy a picnic with your special someone.

2. Imphal:


The capital of Manipur, Imphal is culturally highly rich and diversified. The city is also known as the ‘Jewel of India”. From all 4 sides the city is surrounded by beautiful hills, giving it an edge as compared to other places. If you want to visit an untouched and original place with your partner, then Imphal should be next in your list.

3. Havelock Island:

Havelock Island

One of the largest islands in Andaman, Havelock Island can be reached by a four hour ferry ride from Port Blair. The pure and clear water on the island can set the romantic mood at first glance. You can go for a long walk, hire a bicycle or just sit and enjoy the picture perfect view right in front of you with your partner.

4. Coorg:


This foggy hill station with its lush green forests is just stunning. Coorg is located in the district of Karnataka. You can enjoy the Abbey falls or go for a jungle trek in the Western Ghats. Its picturesque view combined with the weather, got it the title of “The Scotland of India”.

5. Alleppey:


Alleppey is the most beautiful town in the state of Kerala. The town is also known as Alappuzha. This town can leave you in awe with its natural beauty. You can visit caves, temples or go for a boat ride here. Houseboats are a popular lodging play here. Waking up in the middle of the river with picturesque view around is a feeling out of this world.

6. Jalori Pass:

Jalori Pass

If you are the adventurous couple and find adventurous activities romantic, then biking on the Jalori Pass is the perfect place for you. It is one of India’s most dangerous roads. Due to safety reasons, the roads are closed during winters. Therefore, summers is the best time to visit. But make sure you are fully prepared before you go on the adventure.

7. Mararikulam:


The beautiful beach village is located in the state of Kerala. Because of not being over crowded, Mararikulam is one of the most romantic beaches in India. The beach is clean where you can relax and see the stunning sun set with your loved one.

8. Chaukori:


A small hill station in Uttarakhand is the must visit place. In Chaukori you get the feel of an actual hill station where you and your partner can enjoy silent moments and feel the cool breeze. The royal view of the snow peaks of Nanda Kot and Nada Devi are just breathtaking.

9. Cherrapunji:


Located in the state of Meghalaya, this town is simply stunning. The town has monsoons throughout the year making it a romantic destination. You have a cup of hot tea with some snack and just relax. Breathe in the view with your partner.

10. Khajjiar:


This lush green hill station is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Its beautiful landscape got it the title of “The mini Switzerland”. Walking around the lake is the most romantic thing one can do here.