Countries that Have Given Travel Relaxation from COVID-19 Restrictions

When life is coming back to normalcy, most of the countries across the globe have started giving some relaxation from COVID-19’s restrictions for globetrotters. Where European Union has begun becoming mask-free and covid-19 restrictions are being dropped. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has removed the other remaining countries from its “Do Not Travel” list. Now with ease in travelling norms in the subtle post-pandemic world, many people have started travelling to their awaited destinations and enjoying their travel experience. 

Since many countries have now been fully opened; thus, to avoid the risk of the virus, the CDC and the US Department of Health and Human Services are continually working with the White House to mitigate the impact of coronavirus. 

  • New Zealand: New Zealand will open its borders for travellers by July. The country will also resume its cruise ship making and as per the government, people will not be required to get pre-departure RT-PCR test; however, vaccine status could be asked. 
  • Canada: The country isn’t mask-free; however, it has made entry requirements easy for international travellers. 
  • Israel: The US people travelling to Israel will no longer have to undergo quarantine and RT-PCR tests upon arrival. However, quarantined and testing will still be a mandatory requirement before flying to Israel. 
  • Jamaica: To ease the travel norms, Jamaica has dropped the indoor mask mandate and pre-departure RT-PCR testing. 
  • Europe: It dropping the mask mandate for travellers from next week onwards. 
  • Myanmar: Myanmar will start issuing visas to support and boost its tourism industry and sooner, the country will be providing online ‘Visas to travellers. Incoming travellers to Myanmar would require a negative report of RT-PCR test and a certificate of being fully vaccinated. Travellers will also require to undergo a rapid ATK rest after arrival. 

These cities have made travelling easy with lesser norms and protocols. So, if you are planning to travel around these cities, you can easily plan your itineraries and can enjoy mask-free travel.