5 Must-Visit International Destinations with 5 Hours Flight from India

Visiting international destinations for some fun and delighting time is everyone’s desire and to give visitors more excitement, here’s a list of countries that take 5 hours to reach via flights from India. 


Flight Duration: 3 Hours 35 Minutes

One of the classy countries and is a powerhouse of glam, especially its Burj Khalifa! Dubai is like Las Vegas as it is equipped with a lot of tourist destinations like private Islands, Desert Safari, Dubai Mall etc. that will always excite you to extend your stay.


Flight duration: 4 hours 30 min

Singapore is loaded with surprises at each place. This ever-green destination gives extra grace to the couple and newlyweds as it amazes people with luxurious activities like adventure, unique photography, artists’ show, backpackers and interesting offerings for shopaholics. So, whenever you plan for your international trip, add Singapore to your checklist as its comparatively pocket-friendly destination.


Flight Duration: 2 Hours

It’s not only the neighboring country but is one of the cost-effective destinations as well. To dive deep into its snowy hills and mountains, Nepal with its breath-taking views always amaze visitors with a reason to travel here again.  


Flight duration: 4 hours

The Maldives is like a fairy-tale in reality as it’s framed by island and marine life and so is one of the most preferred tourists’ destinations to visit. If you are a beach lover then the Maldives is a perfect destination to explore and stay. 



Flight duration: 4 hours

It’s a hub spot for tourists who are nature and beach lovers. This Southeast Asian paradise is highly equipped with islands that escape visitors in its beauty. India has an exceptional love for Thailand as anyone can easily reach and enjoy their stay here at many affordable prices. 

So, if you are keen to experience and explore different international destinations with impressive places, you can reach here in under 5 hours from India.