Cheap International Destinations From India


Traveling is something everybody loves and the biggest myth about traveling abroad is it is too expensive! Well, it is just a little research and savings that you need to do to enjoy some leisure time in your dream place. There are many places you can go to from India and that too without spending much. Take a look at this list.


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This country has much to offer, like travel across its ancient ruins and enjoy some lip smacking delicacies. Not only this, shopping at places in Colombo is dirt cheap! 


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Traveling here is the cheapest from India. Food is not that expensive either in Thailand and especially the sea food is amazing! If you love water sports, spas and soaking on the sun-kissed beaches, Thailand is where you need to pack your bags for.


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Malaysia is among the most popular destinations traveled from India. From natural beauty to marvelous luxury, you get it all here. Go explore cultural tours, wildlife watching, shopping, adventure sports etc. You can also travel across Kuala Lumpur, Redang Island, Mount Kinabalu, Kapas Island and many more.


This place is one of the largest archipelago state in the world and is known as the cheapest too! Indonesia will make you feel like it is heaven on earth with its lush greenery. Sea food lovers will especially love their stay here.


This is a beautiful destination you can plan your honeymoon to and the best part is it’s not that expensive. Visiting this island you get to enjoy many water sports, watch beautiful scenery all around and spend some relaxing time in luxurious resorts.


This is the easiest to travel to as is situated just across India’s border. If you love traveling across snowy mountains and also obsessed with photography, Nepal is the place for you.


Veitnam is a place with ample natural beauty, rich history and unique heritage making it a paradise. There are many activities you can do like boat cruises, local market tours, cave tours, hiking, island and wildlife tours etc.