Do(s) and Don’t(s) for Honeymoon couples

HoneyMoon TravelPlanet
HoneyMoon TravelPlanet

So all of us have dreams of having a lavish wedding and later and an amazing honeymoon. We wish to go to a unique place on an extra ordinary trip of love, don’t we? We want it to be different from the rest, to be one of its kinds, isn’t it? The expectations are fine but if the efforts go weak, your much waited honeymoon trip might as well turn out to be a disappointing journey that you’ll end up regretting and just wishing that it could have been better. Of course you wouldn’t want that, none will. Here is a list of do(s) and don’t(s) that you must keep in mind while planning your honeymoon.

 Do not let others plan it for you

Even if someone in the family is sponsoring your honeymoon for you, do not let them do it their way. Remember, it’s just the two of you who will be together going for holidaying to celebrate the love and spend time knowing and discovering more about each other. Thus it is extremely important for the bride and groom-to-be to approve of the location, accommodation and plan.

Make sure you do your own research for your honeymoon with your partner

Even if some friend or relative of yours travels a lot, it wouldn’t be useful to follow his/her advice for your honeymoon. You may ask for suggestions but going by what they say just because they’ve seen the world more than you wouldn’t be a great idea. Again, because honeymoon concerns the two of you, make sure you plan it according to your choices, preferences and likes.

Do not blindly copy someone else’s honeymoon

Your colleague just returned from her honeymoon and told you stories of how much fun the two of them had and how her choice of the honeymoon destination which was a surprise for her husband did wonders to the two of theirs relationship. Now, wait! Do not get excited and book the same package as hers to surprise your spouse too. It may not work for you. Just like everyone has different choices every couple has different expectations from their honeymoon. Some look out for a serene place where they can spend lots of quality time with their beloved, others want to gear up for adventure sports with their loved one. Plan the surprise, but first make sure you keep in mind the choice of your partner.

When planning, look at the deal and not the price.

When talking to a travel agent, do not blindly take up the cheapest possible deal to the place of your choice. Honeymoon is your first trip together post wedding and its memories stays with you lifelong, make sure they’re good.

Make a wise choice

Discuss with your agent about your travel package, the buffet that you’d be getting. Make sure you convey your eating preferences well. The kind of resort you’re looking for, the places you want to see, everything. Study, analyze and select. If you’re paying a hefty price for a trip, make sure it is worth it.

Honeymoons are special; make sure you treat them well.

Do not go to a random place, unplanned just because you’ve less time and it is the best available option. Going just for the sake of it is well nothing but a waste of time. Even if it’s late, research properly, plan well, have enough time in hand and then go and have fun.

Do not blindly trust the beautiful pictures on web

While you’re doing your research; make sure you consult someone who has been to that place recently. Remember the information that you have been given online is not updated regularly. The pictures may be old; today’s reality might be different. Also, someone who is there or has just returned from there will be able to tell you better about the place, the things that you might need, present weather and other pre requisites.

Do not plan it alone

Even if you know your partner in and out, it is suggested that you take her to the agent to discuss the various available options. Honeymoon is both of yours time, you sure wouldn’t want her to have the slightest expressions of disappointment. Let her see all the options the two of you have along with the corresponding budget and then the two of you can discuss and decide the best available option.

Do not compromise on your taste

Everyone has a different lifestyle if you get less than what you’re used to, you will obviously be disappointed. If you’re used to living a luxurious life, while choosing your accommodation, make sure you clearly mention what you want. Some would prefer a luxurious room technologically update other would be happy in a small room with a working fan and television and a comfortable bed while others might be want a studio apartment. So, choose well.

Pack well

it is your honeymoon; you would want to please your partner and look your best. Make sure you pack accordingly. While selecting your wardrobe, keep in mind your comfort, his choice and the place you’d be in.

Do not crib

do not pick up petty issues from the past or other irrelevant issues that might put off either of you. you’d be sharing your bed and bathroom, remember everyone has different habits and that he/she has been living with them for so many years. Try to adjust and ignore a bit.

Expect less and discover more

there are things you wouldn’t know about him then there’d be things he wouldn’t have made out about you as yet. Do not sit back thinking he should have known. Be easy; let him discover you while you do the same.
Have fun!