Scariest Theme Park Rides in the World

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There are many theme parks in every country. Dont we all love the rill of sitting on a roller coaster?  The world surely has some of the most scariest rides and the adrenaline rush ever! Here we have a list of the most amazing rides around the world you can experience. Go over a breathtaking roller-coaster ride at these theme parks:


source- Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

You can have an experience of this Insanity ride in Las Vegas. This ride spins you round over the edge of a Las Vegas skyscraper that is the Stratosphere Casino and Hotel where it is situated.

Superman Ride

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This Superman ride allows you to be weightless for at least 10 seconds! Plan a visit to Six Flags New England and experience this thrilling roller coaster.

Kingda Ka

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If you love heights and do not get goosebumps riding huge roller coaster rides, this one is for you. It takes you a whopping 456 feet up into the air as it runs at 128 miles per hour. It is sure to give you the most thrilling experience ever!

The X2

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This one is a real thrill! You get to visit this rollicking rollercoaster in Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles. It is one of the best four-dimensional rollercoasters you can ride anywhere.


source- Theme Park Review

This is yet another four-dimensional rollercoaster which is a must for thrill seekers. It is located at the Fuji-Q Highland, Japan and the name of the ride means, “hey, what the heck!”

Expedition GeForce

source- Youtube

This German beast is the best adventurous ride you can ask for. It is also ranked as one of the best roller coaster rides in the world.


source- Theme park critic

This one is the crown jewel of Cedar Point Amusement Park and its rides take you on a two-and-a-half minute rip that costs them over $20 million. You have plenty more things to get enrolled and have an enthusiastic day at this place in Sandusky, Ohio.

Tower of Terror

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The name itself is scary! The Tower of Terror situated in Gold Coast, Australia allows you experience life in zero gravity. You have to climb 38 stories to experience that sensation at this Dreamworld ride.


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Want a ride that has cobra rolls and a double corkscrew? This Park’s rides have the world record for inversions, and that too these inversions come in a variety of ways! Travel to Surrey, United Kingdom to experience this one.