Thailand – totally worth it.

Thailand totally worth it.
Thailand totally worth it.

Located in the centre of Southeast Asia, Thailand in all spirits can be called the heart of the subcontinent. The beautiful landscape, lush greenery mountain borders, long coastlines, serene beaches, warm attitude of people, everything is bound to win over your heart.

Thailand is mostly hot and humid throughout the year, the winter season is generally cold and dry stretching from November to February. March marks the beginning of the hot season, it is mostly hot the coastlines are however a relief. July to October is the rainy season, the Thailand rains aren’t the kind of rains you love, it doesn’t drizzle, it is heavy and fast and furious.

Thailand has a good air connectivity and is connected to various parts of the world though the air route. Travelling within the country is also easy and very convenient, you could either use the public transport which connects the various part of the country well or hire a taxi to drop you at your destination and show around the city. Get in touch with your travel agent, travelling is an important part of your travel package.

Thailand has one of the finest accommodations to provide to its visitors, having said that here is a wide variety for you to pick and choose from. Go easy while choosing, consider your budget and the luxuries and services you’re looking for or the proximity with a certain tourist destination. Choose wisely.

Adventure sports, nature walk, photographer’s delight, mountains, beaches, national parks, Thailand has tones to offer to you. Just get ready and go out and explore.

The Grand Palace- if you’re in Bangkok, there isn’t any reason valid enough with which you can miss out on visiting the Grand Palace and the associated compound. Built for the Royal family, the main palace today is only used for ceremonial purposes. The architecture, maintenance, glory of the entire premises will leave you in awe. There is a proper dress code that must be kept in mind while visiting the palace.

Wat Pho- This is one of the most interesting temple you’d come across, based on science, history, medicine and meditation. It serves as a massage training centre too, and has a lot of interesting concepts applied to everything here, as you go about discovering the place, you would be amazed to see the theories behind everyday concepts and how interestingly have they been related.

Chiang Mai Zoo- well maintained huge zoo occupying the lower slope of The Doi Suthep Mountain. It is extremely rich in the various species of fauna available here, the pair of panda being the most popular among the tourists.  There is mono rail to make it easier for the tourists to travel. The Twilight zoo opens from 6pm to 9pm; apart from all this there is also an aquarium which is said to be the longest underwater automatic tunnel of Asia. The experience here would be one of its kinds as you go around exploring the more than 132 species of birds chirping and singing around the waterfall.

Koh Ngam- situated in the southeast of Koh Chang, this is an enchanting island. If you look at it from a distance it appears like two separates islands. The famous landmark here is the Twin Mountains which are joined by a few hard rocks. Mountains touching the sea shore make it an amazingly tranquil site. You’d love to just sit by your partner gazing at the fineness of nature, realizing the value of inner happiness. This experience will be unforgettable. For the adventurous souls, there are certain options of rock climbing and other sports available too.

Make it a point to visit these places too- China Town- shopper’s delight, Koh Chang, Namtok Philiu National Park, The Ananda Samakom Throne Hall, The Catholic Church Chanthaburi, Ratcha phruek Garden, Doi Fa Hom Pok Mountain National Park, Prommitr Film Studio, Wat Maha That, Wat Si Chum.

Plan your honeymoon to Thailand and it won’t disappoint you.
Happy journey!